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Admin Functions in FlexMLS

If you rely on an agent or office level administrator to help you run your business - you will

love FlexMLS! The new platform has extensive functionality around admins, and it's incredibly easy to setup and maintenance as needs change.

If you already have an assistant or office manager within your office, that permission WILL transfer over to the new system. If you would like to setup a new admin, contact


Within the new platform - you'll get used to a new term for admins. Superusing allows a member to work on another member’s behalf without sharing login information. The admin would login with their own credentials, then use as someone else by entering other

credentials into the upper right corner as seen here (image left). A superuser can access the system as a single agent (agent assistant) or even superuse as a whole office (office manager). When superusing, superusers access the system with the SAME permissions as whomever they are accessing as. For example, a superuser logging in as an agent, would be able to see ALL of that agent's contacts, profile info, listing details, etc.

When you superuse as another user, you remain logged in as that user until you change to another username (either your own or another member’s). If you log out while superusing, the next time you log in, you would still be superusing - the system does not default to your own account.

While superusing may be used by office managers for various reasons (i.e. additional branches), office managers may also have default office level access.


Office managers have a range of access possibilities. SCCMLS staff can always help you decide what you need! Typically, an office manager that only assists one office, can have default access to the whole office - and would NOT need to superuse.

Once logged in, an office manager can access and maintenance anything in the whole office, as the Broker-in-Charge could. They can do anything in the system that the office needs, and see office listings and details.


Agent assistants are staff that only need to help one or two agents in FlexMLS, and do not have permission from the Broker-in-Charge to access the whole office. In this case, they can have their own credentials, and be allowed to superuse as only that one agent who needs help. Once superusing, they can access the system with FULL access to that agent's MLS. This includes but is not limited to contacts/client information, saved searches, profile settings, etc.


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