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All About Subscriptions (auto-emails)

Subscriptions send emails to your contacts automatically when listings are added to FlexMLS or when existing listings are changed. Subscriptions can be sent monthly, weekly, daily, or as soon as a listing is created (asap setting).


To tailor a subscription to the needs of a particular client, start with a search. You can use one of the following methods:

  1. Perform a Quick Search to find listings that are relevant to the client. When you have found the right listings, save the search. When you save a new search, you can associate it with a contact. For more information, see our detail on Saved Searches.

  2. If you have already saved a search, go to the Subscriptions page and click Add New Subscription. Choose the saved search that you want to use to set up a subscription email and click OK.

To complete adding the subscription:

  1. Once you select a search, the Edit Subscription page is displayed. First, enter a name for the subscription. We recommend using the name of the client, a description of the search, or both.

  2. Select to send notifications to the selected contacts, yourself, or both. To receive an email notification when a recipient clicks a link in a subscription email, select Send me an email when a contact clicks the link. Your selections will be saved as the default for future subscriptions.

  3. Click Enable Preview Mode if you want new listings sent to you first, so you can decide which ones to send to your contacts. When Preview Mode is off, all new listings that match the search criteria will be sent to the recipients you select with no preapproval process. For more information, see Preview Mode for Subscriptions.

  4. Enter the names of the contacts that the email will be sent to. If needed, you can add a new contact’s name and email address from this page by clicking Add New Contact. If you select multiple contacts, they will automatically be treated as a blind copy, so recipients will not be able to see that the email is being sent to other contacts.

  5. Specify a schedule for the subscription email event. Select the days of the week or month the email will be sent. You can also choose ASAP, which will send notifications within minutes of when listings are added or changed.

  6. If you use the classic version of the portal, you can choose which interactive view of the search results that you want the client to see. A view is a set of columns that you can customize. The columns for the selected view are listed in the View to send section of the page. For more information about views, see My Views

  7. Enter the content of the email message that contacts will receive. Because this message will be included each time the subscription email is sent, we recommend that you make it generic. The message you enter can be saved as a template for later use. You can set a default message template, replace or rename an existing template, or delete a template by clicking the appropriate button under the Templates field.

  8. Click Save to save the subscription.

  9. The first time Flexmls attempts to send a subscription email to a contact, the recipient will be sent an opt-in request. The contact must click the link in the email to confirm that their email address is valid and that they want to receive listings via subscription. Until they opt in, they will not receive listing emails. For more information, see Opt-In Status Report.


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