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Conversion Resources for Brokers-in-Charge

If you are a Broker-in-Charge (also known as the MLS Participant for your office) or an office level administrator - you're in the right place.

Both member types have extensive, and similar, permissions in FlexMLS that give you more control over the office than you've ever had before.

As the Broker-in-Charge, you’ll want to make sure that your licensees and admins are prepared for the SCCMLS platform conversion. Follow this list below to help your office prepare. As always, reach out to with any questions.

1. Share the Upgrade Central page

Make sure your office has connected with the communications coming from SCCMLS. Share the Upgrade Central webpage here with your licensees and admins.

2. Get registered for training

December 12th -15th, live training will be held at the CTAR offices. Be sure your office plans to attend! Attendees will receive a 90 minute walkthrough of the vital basics of the FlexMLS platform. Click here to register!

3. Maintenance your listings

If your office has listings that need updates, or are ready to move to another status, make that change as soon as you’re able. Having your data clean and updated is helpful!

4. Prepare your admins

If you rely heavily on an office manager or assistant to help you with MLS tasks, share all of the above with them! FlexMLS has a wide range of admin permissions that you will LOVE! All admins are welcome at the in-person training. Click here to register!

5. Review data post-launch

As with any mass move, it’s good to check behind you for outstanding details. Data is the same! SCCMLS and FlexMLS both have teams of data experts handling the conversion of your data, but it’s a good idea to plan to take a look at your listing data once we go live. If you notice any large issues, let us know at

Once we go live, you'll also want to have your office managers and assistants login to check their permissions. Can they edit what they should be able to edit? If they cannot, let us know at


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