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FlexMLS Pro: the mobile app

FBS Data offers an exceptional mobile app, FlexMLS Pro, available for iOS and Android. It provides an easy to use, consistent user experience across all platforms so you can find what you need, when you need it, no matter where you are!

If you are a dual user (access to CHS MLS as well), and you utilize an iOS device, you can even toggle between accounts in the app! Click here to learn how!

Because of FBS’ attention to detail in their design, all platforms (desktop, mobile web, mobile app) are streamlined to look and operate the same way. 100% continuity means you can work anytime, anywhere, and access everything you need to get your work done.

Many apps limit functionality by a wide margin, allowing only a few crucial tasks. However, the FlexMLS Pro app has extensive (and growing) functionality. On the go, you’ll have access to handy features such as “Listings Near Me” on a map, saved searches, contacts, subscriptions (aka auto-emails), portals, search templates, and messaging!

Even more impressive, you can perform listing management from the FlexMLS Pro app! Yes. Even start a listing on your phone and finish at the office.

We love it, and we know you will, too!


If you are a residential and commercial user, you'll use the same app to login, titled FlexMLS Pro. While the app platform is the same, each database is separate.

iOS users: don't worry - you can easily toggle between both accounts! Watch the video below.

On your first app login, simply log out and then log back in with your other credentials. Once you do this, the app will register both and you'll see a new option under your "More" to "login as" your other account.

Find the logout option in the MORE tab of the app menu (bottom right corner) and choose log out as seen in the image below.

Remember that each database coordinates with specific credentials. For example, scc.12345 for commercial or chs.12345 for residential.

Android users: you will need to log out and in to each account. We hope to have news from Flexmls for you in the future.


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