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FlexMLS Contact Management Preview

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

FlexMLS offers many features within their Contact Management structure that help make communicating listing details to your clients a breeze. Here is a sneak-peek!

Before we dive in, familiarize yourself with a few of Flex's terms, then preview some highlights below. This page does not encompass the full spectrum, but gives you an idea of Flex functionality.

Contact Management: the hub where you'll go for everything surrounding client communication and related emails

Subscriptions: auto-emails. Your client is "subscribing" to the listing alert emails

Preview Mode: enabling this while setting up a subscription will mean that you get an email of the listings first, to approve, before your client gets a copy

Portal: a branded webpage that encompasses a live search experience for your client, if they'd like more control in their listing search


At a glance, you'll see a list of clients on the Contact Management main page and several helpful data notes - such as recent activity, or how many listings they've recently viewed.

Saving a search is easy and attaching a saved search to a client is doable from a variety of areas, depending on where you are in Flex. This screen shows what you'll see once you've saved a search and auto-assigned it to a client in one step. One more click and the results are on their way to your client, or saved for later.

Setting up a subscription allows you to choose the timeframe when it should be sent, whether you should be cc'd, or enable a preview for yourself before your client sees the results, and more.

If you need to view what saved searches and subscriptions are connected to a client, you'll find that and all other details in the client's profile card as seen here. You can maintenance the client details, review search criteria, manage subscriptions, and more.

Stay tuned for more previews!


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