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How to add and search Flex Space in SCCMLS

The word "Flex" is no stranger to commercial real estate, but the last few years have sparked a resurgence in its growth and use. "Flex Space" allows for cost savings, customization, expansion, and flexibility in general for your clients’ businesses. Tenants are grateful to work with Landlords that already offer or are willing to offer Flex space allowing for adaptation and mixed use without the Tenant having to move to a new location. 

If the shoe fits, wear it!  If your listing is Flex friendly, be sure to boast about it in the SCCMLS database on Flexmls. 


When you are entering your listing, there are two fields to help promote Flex Space. Current Use and Structure Type. Both fields are found on the Details tab of the listing entry. 

Current Use points out the obvious - how is your listing being used by the current tenant? Easily check Flex Space for this to return in the popular Current Use option in quick search. 

Likewise, if the Structure Type is considered Flex (which basically means that the building can be used as multi-purpose workspaces), be sure to check the "Flex" box under Structure Type. 

If your listing is already entered, you can easily change your listing to reflect these field selections in listing maintenance.  


By the same token, both the Current Use (Flex Space) and/or the Structure Type (Flex) can be used when searching for this type of flexibility for your clients. 

The Current Use field is a popular field and so is included in the quick search fields by default in both the sale and lease categories. 

For Structure Type, use the “Add a Field” button when conducting a search and type in Structure Type in the search box to add it to your quick search template.

We know that Flex Space is a common and important style in the lowcountry, so you want to make sure that your listing can easily be found and/or conversely, that you can find these gems for your clients, too!

Reach out to the CHS MLS Support team with any questions at


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