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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Start with this quick dashboard customization video!

Dive in with us! The first week is the hardest, but overall, members are acclimating to FlexMLS well. Explore the top questions so far, below.

Pro tip: the key to success with FlexMLS is to spend a moment customizing your views and dashboard. With customization, most of what you need will be within just a click or two.


Will I still have to "update" my listings every 45 days?

No! That is not required on the FlexMLS platform. Your listings will remain in whatever status you sent them to (of course until they reach an expire date, if they do). Just be sure that you update them to any other appropriate status as needed (Contingent, Closed, etc). Yay!

Is there an app?

Yes! FBS Data has a dedicated app. Read more about the app here.

Will I be logged out regularly through the day?

No! Any secure system must have an auto logout programmed in. However, FlexMLS allows for a longer period, so you will be able to stay in MLS much longer. It IS important that you logout when on a shared computer, however!

Can I customize my searches so I don't have to keep adding fields?

Yes! Flex is very...flexible. You can add your own search defaults so that if there is one you run frequently, you only have to click once to bring it up and view fresh results (and refine criteria as needed. Read how to here.

Did Saved Searches transfer over?

Yes - We were able to convert some of your saved search data into FlexMLS. Not all saved search data pieces were able to transfer for a variety of technical reasons. Ultimately, you will still need to proof the saved searches that you intend to use for accuracy, and refine as needed! It is extremely difficult data to convert, and we hope that what data we were able to add, is helpful to you! Read more here.

Can I have an IDX feed?

Yes! FlexMLS actually has very easy options available to make this whole process more manageable. Read the details here. If you already had an IDX feed, your vendor was contacted prior to the conversion.

Can I have admin permissions?

Of course! There are actually MUCH deeper admin options available to you now! Read the starter post here and reach out to to make sure you have what you need, and to get one-on-one help with setup.

I don't like this homepage, what can I do?

LOTS! The Flex dashboard is completely customizable. Explore the basics here and if you feel stuck, reach out to for additional one-on-one help!


How do I login?

Login to the new platform at and read more about the login here. It isn't on the old Launchpad for technical reasons. However, you still have a Single Sign on Dashboard (SSO) via FBS Data, with the tiles you will need (i.e. CRS Tax Suite).

If I am a Dual User, how do I manage both logins?

Learn how to manage dual working in the detailed post here, full of tips!

How do I setup an auto-email?

Flex calls these Subscriptions. Read a detail on this here.

How do I add a listing?

Flex makes it pretty straightforward. Read more here!

How can I search for a specific word in a listing? From the Quick Search Template, click on "add a field" at the bottom of the list. Then, on your right, type in "public remarks" and add that field to the quick search template. Once you have the field added, you can then type in the specific word(s) you are searching for. Be sure to add an * to each side of the word to get results. EX: *laydown lot*

How do I see all of the listings in my office?

If you are an office admin or Broker-in-Charge, you can quickly view all of your office's listings from your main page. View the options here.

How do I see what is happening with my listing?

If you want to explore your listing "stats" and activity, read about the Listing Activity Report here.


What if I had a listing with suites?

Can I add more than one co-list agent to my listing?

At this time, you cannot. However, staff is exploring this and how to offer a solution to make this happen for you. Stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to add your additional contact's name and phone into the Private Remarks field.

Why are there more compensation fields?

Read the information about these fields here. Overall, your compensation and cooperation guarantee with your MLS membership hasn't changed!

What if my listing needs a Zoning change?

Listings will auto-populate the zoning for you, by request for additional auto-pop items. If you think your listing has the wrong zone, contact and we will help!


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