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New! Flexmls Shortcuts on Launchpad

Beginning June 20, you'll see a new set of shortcuts on your SCCMLS Launchpad. The buttons will include:

Quick Search

Saved Searches

Change Listing

My Incomplete Listings


This is an unusual feature for a single sign-on (SSO) platform, as SSO's usually involve multiple vendors working together. Due to so many different technologies, this type of integration has not been contemplated. In this case, FBS Data provides both the launchpad AND our MLS database, so they are able to pull in these shortcuts.

The shortcuts will open to your previously used pages on those shortcuts, as if you were clicking those same options from the Main Menu in the upper left corner inside of Flexmls.

For Quick Search templates, the Flexmls Shortcuts will open to the last Quick Search template you've used, mirroring the functionality in Flexmls today. If you need to use another Quick Search template, change that once you land on the Quick Search page. 

For example, if you routinely work in Commercial Lease, and go straight to that Quick Search template each time - it will "remember" that you were last there, and take you to Commercial Lease.


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