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Saved Searches and Catalogs News

New Year cheer is here! We are happy to share that after much programming work, we were able to convert some of your saved searches data into FlexMLS. Not all saved search data pieces were able to transfer for a variety of technical reasons.

Ultimately, you will still need to proof the saved searches that you intend to use for accuracy, and refine as needed! It is extremely difficult data to convert, and we hope that what data we were able to add, is helpful to you!

Any listing Catalogs you had, will also transfer over into the Listings Collection feature in FlexMLS. Catalogs were used in Catylist to track a grouping of listings for any reason.

Within FlexMLS, tracking a group of static listings is known as the Collections feature. These Collections should also be checked and refined for accuracy.

You will also still need to connect the saved search with your client, to begin the auto-send subscription emails. Contact information is already converted over to FlexMLS for you.

To begin utilizing these searches and collections in the new system, we ask that you:

  1. Login to the SCCMLS Flex database and review your Saved Searches for accuracy.

  2. When ready, attach your saved searches to the corresponding client in order to begin auto-email "subscription" emails. Learn how to here.

  3. Review your Listing Collections data for accuracy.

If you notice an error in either data, the best course is to go ahead and fix it manually at that time. Staff cannot re-import the saved searches or collections data. However, reach out if you need help!



Saved Searches are a crucial part of utilizing the MLS system, and luckily, FlexMLS offers a wide range of new features that fall into the contact management, saved searches, and auto-email ("Subscriptions") categories.

From a search results screen, simply select the listings you'd like to use to initiate your saved search, and click SAVE, in the upper right corner.

The search will save and provide options to go ahead and share the listings immediately, if you would like.

To access your saved searches, we recommend adding the Saved Searches widget to your customizable dashboard! Or, selecting them as a favorite to have it show across your top nav bar (open the main Menu in the upper left corner, then click the star next to Saved Searches).

To connect a saved search to a contact in order to activate a subscription, read more here in the Subscriptions detail.


Listing Collections in FlexMLS allow you to track a group of listings for any reason. From search results, simply:

  1. Select the listings you'd like to save

  2. Click Save

  3. Name the Collection


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