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System Enhancements

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Today, you'll see a few updates in the system that staff and the FBS Data team have worked to launch, based on user feedback!

As we continue to enjoy the customization offered by Flexmls, SCCMLS staff and leadership are actively working to enhance miscellaneous items throughout the system.


You can now search the Sale and Lease category in the same search.

Click Quick Search, and from the drop down list you'll select "3 - Sale and Lease" to utilize this option. As seen to the right.

It is important to note - if you try to search by price and size within the dual search, you may get odd results, because the price and size fields are different across the Sale and Lease categories (to allow for range pricing in Lease).

Our recommendation is, when searching in the dual option - sale and lease - that you use less criteria as a start, then dial in.


An updated report visual is now available in your Detail tab Report list! On the bottom portion - it is the same design as the current report. However, the top is re-aligned to a more pleasing visual. The entire report is two font sizes larger.

To use the adjusted layout, click your Report drop down while viewing the Detail tab, and you'll see 2 new options - we prefer the "SCC Detail Report v2" seen below. SCCMLS will make this report default for all on April 20.

If you would like to make this display your default view for the Detail tab ahead of April 18, navigate to General Preferences via the Menu, and choose "SCC Detail Report v2" from the drop down menu and SAVE.

You also have a varied report style that you may use if you like titled "SCC - Large Font" as seen below.


In addition to the dual search added to the Quick Search Templates list, you have an updated list of fields in the singular Sale and Lease templates, as well.

Based on feedback, we've adjusted the fields that are in each of these Quick Search lists by default, in an effort to decrease the fields that you need to add (i.e. Existing Lease Type will be in the Lease Quick Search for you now).


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