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BICS & Admins: View Office Listings

As a Broker-in-Charge or admin, you'll likely want to easily see all of the listings in your office. FlexMLS offers multiple ways to make this happen with very few clicks! Explore some options below.

OPTION ONE: Office Listings button on your top nav

This option is our favorite - you can add the "Office Listings" button to your top navigation bar so that it is visible from ANY Flex page.

  1. Click Menu

  2. Click the star by Office Listings

It will now show on your top nav bar!

OPTION TWO: Edit your Home dashboard

You can also make a quick dashboard customization so that an Office Listings widget shows on your dashboard.

  1. Click to view your Home (editable) dashboard

  2. Click the corner dots and select "Settings"

  3. Choose "My Office Listings" to make that widget auto-display your offices listings, always!

Note: The widget will show the first several listings, then CLICK IN to easily view the whole list in a single click!


By default, the system will include only ON-market status listings in the Office Listings list.

If you would like to see expired or closed or temp off market listings displayed there as well, you can turn this status on under Menu - General Preferences - Listing - Expired.


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