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Welcome to 
SCCMLS Upgrade Central

The new MLS database, FlexMLS by FBS Data launched in January of 2023. If your new to Flexmls, you'll find many still-helpful resources here! 

Start with a copy of the upgrade guide to dive right in! 


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CRS Data: here to stay

Since 1989, CRS Data has worked to put powerful, accurate data at the fingertips of real estate agents. Simply put, they are dedicated to doing data better. 

SCCMLS has utilized CRS Data integrations to bring you parcel data for years, and when we launch on FlexMLS, CRS Data will still be there for you (not everything changes, thank goodness). 

You'll even find new integrations to make your life easier! 

  • New auto filled data points to help you finish your listing input faster

  • New reports and links at your fingertips to quickly throw together additional data on a listing

  • Overlays in the system on map view to help you see a wide variety of data in a dynamic view

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Why the Transition?

The change is driven by a desire to provide a more customizable, modern, and functional system based on your feedback, while maintaining the highest level of broker control over your data.

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"After working with Catylist to navigate contractual changes, it was important to us to make sure brokers maintain utmost control over their data and so, the leadership team at SCCMLS determined that it is in our best interest to transition to a new platform. This move will help us maintain the high data security and accuracy standards that you expect from SCCMLS and ensure that our commercial MLS community continues to benefit from the connectivity we provide and the confidence in knowing we are focused on protecting not only your data but your business.”

2022 SCCMLS President, Chip Shealy

Benefits from this transition:

  • Maximum control of your data

  • Dedicated commercial data system 

  • A local expert support team for you and your team

  • Streamlined and more functional user experience, including new statistics and contact management tools

  • Mobile-first approach, including a dedicated app for your commercial data

  • Seamless login dashboard and reduced “log out” activity

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FlexMLS Training

FlexMLS is a much deeper platform which offers an increase in functionality and data accuracy. So that you are ready to dive in beginning January 3, explore the training options!


The live December training is over, but we have many webinars available, and will offer another round of training in January, as well. 

Why FlexMLS?

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The Flexmls® Platform by FBS Data gives real estate professionals the autonomy to run their business on their terms. Get flexibility, data freedom and control, innovation, and reliable performance from industry leader FBS. They understand what an MLS needs, how important customization is, and how valuable data ownership is to brokers. Partnering with FBS Data will allow SCCMLS to evolve and grow, and give members incredible new features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my data in Catylist? 

Your listing data will be moved over to the new system, FlexMLS. Saved searches will not transfer over, but staff will make it very easy for you to create the new (and much more functional) auto-emails in FlexMLS!

What are the next steps in transition?

We will have much more information coming to you each week about this transition. Keep an eye out for your weekly SCCMLS email with resources building as we move forward. We aim to make this a seamless and simple transition! As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out to SCCMLS staff with questions - we’re happy to help.

Is this like the residential system? 

While FBS Data does provide the residential MLS platform as well, they are completely independent databases with very unique builds. The systems do not overlap in any way, and remain two separate companies, as well.

Is there an app?

Will our fees change?

Will there be training?

Yes! FBS Data offers a unique app, FlexMLS Pro. It is expertly built and offers extensive functionality. You will love it! 

No. There is no change to the membership fee structure. 

Absolutely! Live, in-person sessions will be held December 12-15th then again in January. Register now at the training page here. 


...and we would love to connect with you! 

Find us online under @SCCommercialMLS on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for news and #protips

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