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Mapping Overlay Additions

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

SCCMLS staff and leadership continue to work to enhance the Flexmls system, which is a benefit of the customizable new platform. New map overlays are at your fingertips!

While viewing the map in Flexmls, these new datasets are now available:

  • SC Evacuation Routes

  • SC Railroads 1/4 Mile Buffer

  • US Treasury Dept Opportunity Zones (additionally, a searchable yes/no Opportunity Zone field is enabled. It will populate data based on listings' map location).

To view the information, navigate to any search results page and click on the MAP view. Then, click the OVERLAYS button to choose your overlay, as seen below.

The overlay list has a variety of options, including our newest data.

Simply click on any item to view it, and you'll see a check mark beside that item confirming that it is showing on the map. You can select multiple. Then, click again to "uncheck" ones you are done with.

Evacuation Routes:

Railroads Buffer:

Opportunity Zones:


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