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CRS Tax Suite in SCCMLS

SCCMLS partners with CRS Tax Data (CRS) to bring you tax data within the MLS. However, CRS offers much more than that!

The CRS integration into MLS is extensive, so you can see the data on both platforms, and use whichever tools you prefer - including searching, prospecting, or doing a full CMA in CRS!

We've covered a CRS CMA tutorial below, but if you'd like to explore more how-tos from CRS, visit their MLS Tax Suite Helpdesk to see a full list of options or pick from our favorites below:


When you need to find comparables for a property, begin by selecting the Comparables tab while you are viewing your subject's Property Report. You can also launch directly into a CRS CMA from the Detail report in Flexmls - just click the CMA REPORT link in the bar above the property.

Once in Comparables, you can choose one of three views to evaluate comparable properties:

  1. Column View

  2. Map View

  3. List View

Above your view are the search filters. Select filters to find comps similar to your subject property.

Regardless of the view you choose, you will find several estimated values on the left of the screen. You can hide any of these values by selecting its X to remove it. You can also add your own suggested property value.

Once you have found your comparable properties, you are ready to create a CMA report for your client. Select the Create Report button. See how to create a client comparables report to learn more.


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