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Flexmls Mobile and Portal Search Update

Updated: Jun 18

Our MLS vendor, FBS Data, is releasing an upgrade! Beginning June 20, 2024, you'll see the new search experience on the Flexmls mobile website (, the Android Agent app, and Portals. They're expecting to launch iOS updates by the end of the year.

FBS is confident that you will enjoy the speed (it’s faster), the simplicity (it’s easy to learn), and the familiarity of desktop features now available on your mobile app. This is another step towards their goal of complete consistency across all platforms.

There’s a lot of new functionality on mobile, designed to help you quickly and easily find what you need when searching, and we’re excited to share it with you. The new search features the following: 

  1. Familiar and Intuitive Design: Through expandable and collapsible panels, the new search has a familiar “search, find, act” workflow, similar to Quick Search on desktop.

  2. New Mobile Features: Includes mobile features previously only available on desktop Flexmls.

  3. Faster Experience: It’s faster to edit searches and view listings.


Let's Dive In...

So. What’s New? 

This new search brings a familiar workflow from desktop to mobile search, allowing you to search (filter based on specific criteria), find (view search results), and act (share a listing, use third party integrations, etc.) via expandable and collapsible panels. 

STEP 1 – SEARCH Use the filter panel to specify your search criteria. This is where you will select your search template and fill out fields you wish to search on. You may already be familiar with this panel, as it was part of a previous mobile update.


In the middle section, you can see your search results based on the filters you specified in Step 1. Here, you have different options for viewing your results, including our new Summary View and Stats View, as well as the familiar List View and Map View. 

Option 2A: Summary View

In your search results, the new Summary View gives you all the important property information at a glance, without having to select each individual listing. This view now shows a large main photo while also displaying the most important property information, customized by an agent’s selected View. With this view, you don’t have to load the full listing to complete actions like sharing a listing or viewing showing info. You can do it right here in the Summary View. You also have access to these actions in the List View. 

Option 2B: Stats View

You can be a market expert even on-the-go. The Stats Tab, previously only available on desktop, is now on mobile too. The Stats tab allows you to find statistical data for all the listings in your current search. For any search, you can easily access Average, Median, Low, and High values for key indicators like price, size, and time on market.

STEP 3 – ACT: 

Now that you’ve searched and viewed listings, you can choose the action you want to take in the new Toolbox panel. Whether you want to share the listing with a client or add it to a customer collection, you can do it on-the-go. 

Toolbox Panel

The Toolbox panel is where you can take action with your search and listing. It includes the options for sharing or saving searches, working with third-party integrations, sharing a listing, hiding or recommending to a contact, and more.

Blue Action Bar

We’ve provided one consistent place to make it easier and more convenient to take the next step on a specific listing. With the blue action bar, you can: quickly copy a listing URL, share and recommend a listing, search comps, view showing info, report an error, take action with a third-party application, and more. 

Save This Search

Quickly name and save a search using the new Save This Search option. Simply type in the name you want to call your search at the top bar labeled “Save This Search.” You will then be able to access the search from your Saved Searches. 


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