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Managing Expired/Expiring Listings

If FlexMLS, there are many enhanced ways to manage your soon-to-expire and expired listings effectively. Let's dive in.


If you'd like a heads up when your listings are expiring soon, that's easy.

  1. Go into Menu in the upper left corner

  2. Choose General Preferences

  3. Select the Notifications tab in blue

  4. Choose your day count and turn the toggle to ON (shows in blue when on)


Expired listings can be renewed within 30 days of expiring. If it is past 30 days since it expired, it's best to simply copy that older listing, and publish it new.

Let's see how to do either!

If you know the listing's MLS ID or address, the easiest way to open it for editing is to enter the address or listing ID into the Quick Launch bar. It will populate in the drown down list of results and you can click to jump straight to it.

Then, click the drop down action menu in the left side bar, and choose Edit Listing to open listing maintenance.

Once you are on the listing maintenance screen, select Back on Market in the lower left corner. If you do not see this option and it is your (or your office's) listing, please contact, as you should have this option there.

Then follow prompts to enter the back on market date and confirm.


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