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How to Search in SCCMLS on FlexMLS

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Quick Search is where you'll live in Flex! Don't let the name fool you - it is an advanced search tool, just built for quick and easy access. No matter what you need to search - start by clicking the Quick Search button from the FlexMLS Menu.

We recommend making it a favorite on your top nav bar, by clicking the star next to the word within the main Menu as seen here.

Once you are on the Quick Search page, the options are situated top-down and left-to-right. So you'll always start in the top left corner, where you'll select your CATEGORY of Commercial Lease or Commercial Sale. We recommend searching each category individually, as sale and lease have unique criteria in each. To have the best experience, searching each individually does allow for more specific criteria to be entered, that is specific to that category.

From there, you'll build your search criteria along the left sidebar. This example show popular criteria for a range-priced lease listing:

  1. Status of Active

  2. Range pricing between $20-45 per sqft (or acre, when searching in land)

  3. Subtype of Office or Retail

  4. Secondary Subtype of Office or Retail

Once your criteria returns a results count you can choose to view your results in a map view, report "Detail" view, a full List and more.


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