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Comp Listing Entry in SCCMLS

Updated: May 3

While SCCMLS welcomes comp listing entries, many traditional listings are being entered as comp only. Let’s quickly go over how to properly enter these listings so that the system retains accuracy for statistics on traditional listings that are entered into the system normally.


A comp only listing is one that was never entered into MLS and was closed. The agent puts in the listing data post-closing, simply to enhance the market data set. In these cases, the listing may have less data included, and primarily focus on the basics that are relevant to statistics such as price, size, condition, etc.


A traditional listing is one that is entered into the MLS following paperwork, and marketed for sale normally to the public and in the MLS.

For some reason, as some of these listings are being marked as closed, the agent is selecting that it is a comp only listing, in the closing field “Comp-Only Listing? Yes/No”

HOW TO PROPERLY ENTER A COMP-ONLY LISTING If your listing was never entered into the MLS, closed, and you're entering it only for the purpose of contributing to comps, follow the instructions below to enter properly.


  1. As seen below, navigate to the Add Listing screen and choose the category.

  2. Add yourself as the list agent (MLS staff can change that at the end if necessary).

3. Continue adding the listing as normal -- with as much information as you have on hand. Remember: all required fields must be completed in order to save the listing and add it to the database.

4. On the Main fields tab, be sure to put the list date as at least one day before the close date. Example: If the close date was 4/15/24, then the list date must be at minimum, 4/14/24.

THEN, CLOSE THE LISTING Once you fill out all the required fields, add the listing. It will be active in the MLS.

1. Immediately go to the Change listing screen

2. Select to Close the listing and enter all of the sales information you have on hand.

When you are on the closing screen, be sure to fill out the close date, closed price, selling member and select Yes in the For Comp Purposes Only field.

3. If you are entering the listing and were the "selling agent," put your agent number here. If you weren't and are only adding the listing for data purposes, then 9999 will be the selling agent.

4. Once you've entered all of the information, click save. The listing is now closed. 5. One last step: If you did not LIST the property, you must go back into the listing and edit the Listing Agent field.

Open this section and change the listing agent from yourself to 9999 Non Member. Click save. All done!

If you are not sure how to process through these steps, don't hesitate to email us at


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