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Points of Interest in Flexmls

FBS Data, the provider of our Flexmls platform, is working to enhance the value of our commercial MLS, based on member feedback and staff discussions. Beginning March 27th, you'll see Points of Interest (POIs) from Google maps displaying automatically on the map views.

As you explore the map with your listings or search results, you will see grocery stores, malls, restaurants, libraries, etc. They are not clickable (as if you were searching within a Google Maps app), rather, they are just static to display the location and name, in relation to listings.

Below are several examples of the current view vs what you will see on March 27th. Explore these as a preview and if you like this, let us know at!

North Charleston Current View

North Charleston -- POI view

Mount Pleasant - Current View

Mount Pleasant -- POI View

Summerville -- Current View

Summerville - POI View


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