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Customize Your Default Quick Search Map

Are you taking advantage of some of the extensive customization options in Flexmls? As the name implies, the flexibility for individual user settings is real! Since the South Carolina Commercial MLS (SCCMLS) accepts listings from the whole state, the default map view will snap to the state view and the mapped listings throughout.

As seen below, this can be too zoomed out if you are focusing your search in one area. Once you enter a location, the map will then snap to that location’s search results and zoom the map in. However, if you’re always looking in one main area, there’s an even easier way. Flexmls allows you to customize your default map area for your quick searches!  

To keep your map view zoomed in, even before you enter any search criteria, follow the steps below. 


First, click on Menu and select Default Map from the Preferences column. Or, use the Menu search bar to quickly find it as seen here.


This page will allow you to set your preferred area. Zoom in on the specific geographic area that you wish to have as your default for your quick searches. You may zoom via the plus sign in the bottom right corner of that Flexmls screen as seen below.  


Then, click on the blue rectangle just above the plus sign to draw a rectangle to define the exact area, click on the map once more to finalize your rectangle, then click on the Save button in the upper right corner.

Voila...the next time you click on the Quick Search, your map will default to the newly designated map area! 

But, don’t worry, if you click on the Edit Search tab of a Quick Search, it will automatically adjust the map accordingly if a different location is specified in the search criteria, provided that there are matches.

Furthermore, you can always go to the Menu/Default Map, then click on the Reset button and Save, to go back to the Default Map.

Reach out to the SCCMLS Support team with any questions at


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