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Dual User Resource Center

Updated: May 25, 2023

If you are an SCCMLS member, and you also access the residential MLS as a member of the CHS Regional MLS, then you are what we call a Dual User! As such, there are a few things that are important to note, and you'll want to bookmark this page for future reference.

If you know how to login, skip to the Dual Working Options section farther below.


Each database has its own login destination.

Your CHS Regional MLS access destination: or (redirects) to access the residential FlexMLS database. Which link you use is up to you (and likely, simply muscle memory!).

Your SCCMLS access destination is SCCommercialMLS. You will use only, to access the commercial FlexMLS database.


You currently have a user ID that is you 4 or 5 digit member number, preceded by the "chs." prefix. For example, if your member number were 12345, your login ID today, to access both MLSs, would be chs.12345.

To access the new, commercial specific database on FlexMLS, you will utilize your member number, but with a NEW PREFIX. The new prefix, "scc." identifies the database you need for commercial data, while the "chs." prefix, will continue to identify the database you need for residential data.

Access the commercial database at with the scc. prefix

Access the residential database at with the chs. prefix

Your CHS Regional MLS password will not change. As mentioned above, nothing at all will change with your login destination or credentials to access the residential MLS.

Your SCCMLS password will be new. You will receive a unique, temporary password for accessing SCCMLS, via email, mid-December.



Because the commercial and residential MLSs are individual databases, but built on the same software, we as staff have gotten into the habit of using 2 browsers, so that we can work in both all day. While this isn't required, it helps, because each browser stores cookies (bits of data) behind the scenes that allow pages to load faster, recall information, and track history. When that stored data conflicts with a new login session because you switched from one database to another, it can cause browser glitches.

Let us help you avoid that! This is how we tend to operate in the shot below (plus 341 other tabs). You'll see a session running in the commercial database on the left, in Chrome, and the residential database on the right, in Safari. With this, we can work all day with no interruptions, and no browser glitches, because our login sessions remain separate between each database.

What browsers are available?

FlexMLS is well built and will operate well on any browser. While Chrome tends to be our favorite, any on this list is a great option to mimic our dual work flow.


If you'd prefer not to have two browsers on your machine, no problem! You can have the same functionality as above by using the private or incognito mode within your browser of choice.

Simply open your browser settings menu and click to open a new incognito session. In some browsers this is called a private session.

Learn how to use this feature in your browser of choice by clicking below:


A similar option is to utilize a single browser, but utilize a secondary "profile"in the browser settings. This allows your data that is stored in the browser history, etc, to be tracked only within one profile, so that it does not interact with data from your other sessions.

For example, whichever database you access most, would be bookmarked and used in your main browser profile. To access your secondary database without interrupting either session, you would use a guest profile or add yourself as a secondary profile, both seen here.

Learn how to use this feature in your browser of choice by clicking below (not offered in Safari).


While none of these working styles are necessary to login to each system, it does make the dual working experience ideal!

If you struggle with dual working, contact us at and we can schedule a screen-sharing session to help.

You also have access to the Flexmls Pro app, which may be used for both accounts. iOS users may easily toggles between both accounts. Android users will need to login to each account manually. Read more here!


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