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FlexMLS Features

FBS Data has built an extensive and robust platform in FlexMLS. Yes, there are a lot of shiny bells and whistles, but more importantly, it was intelligently engineered from the ground up. Having a solid foundation for a data platform is crucial, and FBS nailed it! We all want a streamlined interface, but what's happening behind the interface is even more important - how is the data managed, what data standards are followed, and how you can manipulate the data.

So, the first feature benefit is easy to spot...


Before we dive into those bells and whistles, let us explain why this one is our favorite here at SCCMLS. FlexMLS is a RESO-centric system (Real Estate Standards Organization). This means that it fits the mold for data consistency and reliability. All SCCMLS fields within FlexMLS are vetted and approved for RESO quality, and built just for your commercial needs. This also means that when you need to export your data, it is in a consistent format - data nerds, rejoice!


Every area has unique needs for their MLS, and every user needs to streamline their daily work habits. FlexMLS is built for customizations (get it...flex?), and SCCMLS staff and leadership have fit the system to our members' needs, within RESO guidelines. As we progress and grow, further changes will be allowed to fit new needs, and that is a crucial feature that we are happy to have! Users can also up-fit their own FlexMLS Dashboard view, with your favorite saved searches, hotsheets, daily functions, or customers, all within a quick click.

Here, you'll see that a quick star added to a FlexMLS Menu item, will add it to your top navigation bar.


FlexMLS offers a full CMA - YAY! The extensive contact management section that allows you to interact quickly and seamlessly with your clients. You'll be able to:

  • Setup auto-emails that send at a particular interval(daily, weekly, monthly), or as soon as a listing matches (ASAP).

  • See clients' activity (Did they open that message I sent? Did they view a listing?)

  • Pause/Resume auto-emails as clients' needs change


Check out the handy-dandy Hotsheet - A view of ALL listing events from the past 24 hours! A convenient feature that will help you keep tabs on the market with ONE CLICK! You can set your own criteria or just leave the criteria blank and see everything.


Finally - an app! FBS Data offers an exceptional mobile app, FlexMLS Pro, available for iOS and Android. It provides an easy to use, consistent user experience across all platforms so you can find what you need, when you need it, no matter where you are. We are thrilled!

SCCMLS staff and leadership are confident in our new platform and while conversions are never fun for staff, leadership OR members, this is a worthy shift not only for technological advancement, but also data security, data ownership, and customizability. Hang tight - we launch January 3!


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